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  • 讲究色块、图形的艺术
  • The elves are born from the tree of life,
    Pay tribute to fashion.



    后来人们一直守护者这片净土,与鸟雀相伴、与鹿群共舞, 鹿在当地人心里是有灵性的圣物、精灵以及森林的守护神,后来一直被人们津津乐道,相传至今,而香江入海冲积成的独特岛屿形成的自然森林,也就开始被称为“木精林”, 寓意森林的灵性和大自然独特的魅力,带给当地人的祥和健康的居住环境。
    First originated from the Germanic mythology, the Elves were born from the tree of life and evolved into angels through special rituals. They are honest, kind, love the natural harbor of nature, according to legend deep in the island with streams of fragrant and delicious, fresh forest vegetation around the phase stream, seas seaman, often come here to enjoy the cool water, in the course of time, viewing, fragrant and beautiful scenery with the land of idyllic beauty contacts pass out, people still wear awe, admiration of the heart to listen to the birds only regulating cough, only to see the deer leisurely, quiet leisurely tranquil and enjoy all the good in this forest.


    Later, people have been guardian of this piece of pure land, and birds and deer deer, accompanied by dancing, there is a spiritual sanctuary, elves and forest lands in the local people, and later has been talked about, the torch has unique island and Xiangjiang sea alluvial formation of natural forests, also began to be called "standard forest", spiritual and moral forest nature unique charm, to the local people's health and living environment.